Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tips to Choose Right Auger Filling Machine

Auger filler machines are the perfect option for packing of non free-flow products like talcum powder, syrup etc. This can be helpful only when selected property. Check out the complete write on tips how you can choose a right Powder packing machine.

There is wide range of auger filler machines available in the market and each machine has its own unique characteristic. In this article the focus has been laid on availability of varied machines and their suitability for different products and industries. You will also get tips on how you can find out the most apposite machine for your business.

First step in buying an auger filling machine is to identify your needs. Once you know your needs, you can finalize the type of machine required for your business. While choosing a machine you should also check out the equipments offered it. One of the examples is the quantity they pack. Some filler can pack from 1 gm to 4 ounces while some have filling range from 1gm to 10 pounds. Filler that has filling range as per your requirements should be your choice. You can contact auger filler machine manufacturer to get the details and to find an apt machine for your needs.

Is finding the packing capacity of the machine enough to finalize one you need to buy?


Besides the quantity a machine can pack, you must check the products it is suitable for. For instance some auger fillers are suitable for free-flow products while some makes a right choice for non free-flow products. Some filler are designed to fill bottles while some are suitable for pouches and containers. Determine the products you need filler for and the choice for packing the goods like bottles or containers and choose one for you.

Is it all? The tips list still continues!!

Next thing you need to check is price of the machine you are going to buy. This is to ensure that you don’t end up paying more than it worth. Paying extra bucks for high-quality product is not a problem, but paying even small amount for an inferior product. A filler that is made from finest parts, easy to operate, suits your product needs and most important is priced reasonably should be your choice. Powder packing machine you buy should be deliver value for money.

The above mentioned are some of the most important factors you need to check out while buying a filler machine. Also have a look at these additional features before investing is a machine. The list goes:

  •          It should have adjustable pads
  •          Should have stainless steel frames
  •          Should have top and side cover as well as other contact parts
  •          Should have easy to use control
  •          Should have slow speed agitation